Below you will find a brief explanation along with a video outlining additional services from Vizzi. These add-on services are sure to give you an edge- whether you are showcasing your business online or impressing sellers at listing meeting.
Set yourself apart by utilizing the below services from Vizzi.


Floor Plans

Vizzi can extract schematic floor plans directly from our 3D spaces. Further market your listing and save time, with a discrepancy of less than 2 inches, there is no need to measure! Play to view our schematic floor plans.


Mattertags- now with hyperlinks

Allow viewers to engage like never before with Mattertags. Place Mattertags throughout your 3D space to offer guests more information or include hyperlinks in your Mattertags to redirect viewers to relevant webpages.
For more ideas how to use Mattertags, play the video above.


Virtual Reality from 123MEDIA

Vizzi is always on the hunt to provide you with latest and greatest in media marketing technology. Perhaps one of our most impressive offerings is the ability to transform your 3D spaces into a mind-blowing virtual reality experiences. Share your world like never before with the true immersion of virtual reality. Play to learn more.



Vizzi can now include exterior shots to your 3D spaces with the introduction of 360 Views. Add a 360 View of a park down the street, capture a 360 View of your detached 3 car garage, or take multiple 360 views of the amenities within your apartment complex. All this and more are possible with 360 Views. Play to learn more.


Listing Showcase Video

Give your potential home buyers the full experience with a Listing Showcase Video from Vizzi. Play to view more.



Share your 3D spaces to YouTube or a Vimeo channel with a 3D Video Walk-through from Vizzi. Play Walk-through above.